Typhoon Time in a Military SF bundle

MilitarySF bundle compiled by Kevin J. Anderson.
My novel included.

The bundle is available until July 19th 2018.


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Florida Supercon 2018 Schedule :: Ron S. Friedman


Ron S. Friedman

RON S. FRIEDMAN, a Canadian-Israeli author of TYPHOON TIME, ESCAPE VELOCITY, is an Amazon.ca #1 Best Seller in Time-Travel. His Quora blog has over 1,700,000 views.


Thursday July 12, 2018 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

A review different scenarios for human extinction before 2100. Hostile Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology weapons, climate change, nuclear war, pandemic and good old alien invasion.

ROOM 317





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Amazon..ca #1 Best Seller

Look what I got for my birthday present.

An orange sticker from Amazon.ca

#1 Best Seller June 19th 2018

#1 Orange

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Aurora Awards finalist – My Quora answers are on the ballot

The Aurora Awards 2018 official ballot is out.


My Quora posts, Science literacy for Science Fiction Readers and Writers, are finalists  under Best Fan Writing and Publications




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Just Joshing podcast

Just Joshing podcast with your humble servant… About my novel TYPHOON TIME.


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Typhoon Time book review on File 770.

Check the latest review of my novel Typhoon Time on the Hugo winning fan site File770 Review by: Susan Forest.

Typhoon Time is a fast-paced, big-cast science fiction thriller that reads like a blockbuster movie.”

“… one of the key delights for me in this book was the juxtaposition of modern and historical attitudes, particularly around the agency of women and minorities.”


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This Saturday I’m leading a discussion on Space Battles at 1:00PM, at the Calgary Military Museum – Future Wars event.

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