My When Words Collides Presentations and panels – August 12 – 14th

This year WWC is online and free. To register:

11:00AM Saturday – Brain Computer Interfaces

Ron Friedman, Michael Gillett, Swati Chavda

Neuroprosthetics is a new and burgeoning medical field which looks into ways to augment or even replace, parts of the brain and/or brain function. Can these neuroprosthetics be used to just restore lost function, or should it be used to enhance them beyond human capability? Panelists will explore the benefits and risks of these “Fitbits” for the brain. Brought to you by IFWA

02:00PM Saturday, – The Alternate Alternate-History Panel

David Worsick, Ron Friedman, Faye Holt, Susan Forest (M)

The idea of “what if” is incredibly compelling. What if Hitler was assassinated before he became Fuhrer? What if the American Revolution failed? What if the Mongols succeeded in invading Japan? What if aliens landed in Tudor England? There are so many divergent paths in history that fiction can explore. What does this genre continue to appeal to so many?

03:00PM Saturday – Web 3, NFT, Blockchain and All That Jazz – What should writers know?

Ron Friedman

In this presentation we will explore the basic concepts of these new technologies. The good, the bad and the ugly. So, you, a Sci-Fi or a contemporary writer, can incorporate this growing trend into your work. Additionally, I’ll show you how to mint your first story as an NFT and discuss how we, as writers, can potentially increase our visibility, sales and revenue with this new technology.

11:00AM Sunday – How to Craft a Great Villain

Michael Gillett, Ron Friedman, Nina Munteanu, Susan Forest (M)

How is crafting a villain different than creating your protagonist? What cliches should you avoid? Should you write in the villain’s Point of View? And how difficult is it to get into the head of someone who is nasty, psychopathic, or just downright evil?

02:00 AM Sunday – Diasporas

Ron Friedman, Michael Gillett, Calvin Jim (M)

The world is so interconnected that people from around the world have moved beyond the borders of their ancestral culture into a world-wide melting pot. And with them, come their stories. Panel members discuss creating communities and characters who are caught up in a diasporic events due to circumstances beyond their control.

4:00 Sunday – Space Race 2.0

Ron Friedman

Fifty years after the Space Race between the US and the USSR ended, we finally see a renaissance in space exploration. This time it’s not fuelled by a cold war, but by a new type of pioneers. Join a presentation to review the latest development in the field. What we may expect to see in the coming decades. Why some people resist New Space. And how it may change our future. Will we finally become a Star Trek style spacefaring civilization?

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Calgary Expo – My schedule

Villains and Conflicts – Palomino Room H- Thursday, April 21, 7:30PM –

Learn how to use evolution, consciousness and behavior science to create a three-dimensional villain that can believably confront the hero. Eliminate the BS factor and the pitfalls of a simplistic moustache-twirling bad guy.

How to become a writer – Palomino room H – Saturday, April 23, 2:00PM

Join this panel of science fiction and fantasy writers for this Q&A session all about writing!

WELCOME TO THE END OF THE WORLD – Quarterhorse – Saturday, April 23, 6:00PM  

For post apocalypse enthusiasts. From pandemic, zombie apocalypses, nuclear war, global warming, mega tsunami, killer asteroid to good-old alien innovation. This doom and gloom presentation will examine different scenarios on how our world may end.

NFTs for artists – Palomino room H – Sunday, April 24, 11:00AM

NFTs had been taking over the world. Billions are invested in art every month using NFTs. Now artists have a new avenue to sell their work. What are NFTs? How to create a MetaMask wallet and upload your fist NFT to OpenSea? What next?

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Another of my articles translated to Italian

Quale paese ha avuto la migliore strategia difensiva nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale?

Foto profilo per Luca Simone

Luca Simone, Letto tonnellate di saggi

Traduttore · Tradotto in data 27 feb 2022 · L’autore ha 3.515 risposte e 2,6 Mln visualizzazioni della risposta

Foto profilo per Ron S. Friedman

Ron S. Friedman

Wrote a WWII book. My grandfather fought in the war

Questa risposta potrebbe non essere una traduzione esatta della risposta di 

Ron S. Friedman

 su Quora in inglese:

Which country had the best defensive strategy in WW2?

Direi che gli Stati Uniti hanno avuto la migliore strategia difensiva nella seconda guerra mondiale.

Gli Stati Uniti, il Canada e l’Australia sono stati gli unici grandi attori della guerra che sono riusciti con successo a proteggere i loro confini dall’invasione ed hanno evitato massicci bombardamenti strategici. La maggior parte delle industrie e dei centri abitati di Stati Uniti, Canada e Australia sono rimasti intatti durante la guerra.

Da allora, Canada e Australia facevano parte dell’Impero Britannico, mi concentrerò nella mia risposta sugli Stati Uniti.

La Gran Bretagna fu pesantemente bombardata e molte delle sue città, inclusa Londra, subirono una massiccia devastazione.

Le principali città della Germania e dell’URSS furono ridotte in ghiaia ed entrambi i paesi avevano perso territori significativi a causa delle invasioni nemiche.

Giappone, è stato bombardato… due volte. Per non parlare dei devastanti bombardamenti.

Come mai gli Stati Uniti sono riusciti a rimanere intatti mentre tutti gli altri principali attori sono stati gravemente bombardati e invasi?

Gli Stati Uniti avevano il miglior dipartimento strategico. Gli Stati Uniti erano circondati da alleati a nord ea sud. (Canada e Messico)

I loro nemici dell’Asse dovettero attraversare l’Oceano Atlantico o il Pacifico per raggiungere il suolo americano. Gli Stati Uniti avevano mantenuto l’avamposto il più lontano possibile dagli Stati Uniti continentali.

Quando il Giappone ha attaccato gli Stati Uniti, hanno preso l’iniziativa per i primi sei mesi. Il Giappone è riuscito a bombardare Pearl Harbor, nelle Hawaii, a prendere i Filippesi e Guam. Ma non hanno mai avuto la possibilità di effettuare alcun attacco significativo agli Stati Uniti continentali. Dopo Midway, gli USA hanno preso l’iniziativa e il Giappone si è ritrovato sulla difensiva.

Quando la Germania dichiarò guerra agli Stati Uniti, riuscirono a inviare sottomarini e infliggere alcuni danni alle spedizioni dei costi orientali. Ma molto rapidamente gli USA ei loro alleati ottengono l’iniziativa nell’arena atlantica. Gli Stati Uniti invasero l’Islanda (seguendo la Gran Bretagna) per garantire la copertura dell’area su gran parte dell’Atlantico settentrionale. Hanno inviato convogli con armi e rifornimenti in Gran Bretagna e URSS, per assicurarsi che la guerra fosse combattuta il più lontano possibile dalla terraferma degli Stati Uniti.

Mentre quasi tutti gli altri alleati e combattenti dell’Asse combattevano sul proprio territorio, gli Stati Uniti sono riusciti con successo a mantenere i combattimenti, per la maggior parte, a migliaia di chilometri dai loro confini.

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2021 Mars Society Convention

I’ll be presenting The Science Fiction Connection to Mars and the 2021 international Mars Society Convention

October 14th 14:30 PDT (Los Angeles time)

Registration is free

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My Calgary Expo presentations: Sep 11 – 12, 2021



Saturday, 12:15 pm in ARABIAN ROOM From Star Trek’s communicator to the cell phone, 2001 Space Odyssey’s HAL to real Artificial Intelligence, and Asimov’s Foundation to modern day’s SpaceX. Science Fiction inspired the greatest minds of our generations to invent the technologies that are changing our world.

I plan talk for 10 minutes or so about NFTs, (Non- Fungible Tokens and crypto-currencies)  –  This market is now exploding. Artists sold pictured for a total of over 3 billion dollars just in August. I think any artist should know about NFTs. This is crazy now.

200+ Free Rocket & Space Vectors



Saturday 4:45 pm in QUARTERHORSE ROOM What is game theory and why do we want to use it? How to use game theory to raise the stakes, increase tension and create believable conflicts But, we’ll do it in a fun way which include video clips from your favorite movies.

The New York Times goes Vizzini on the word “split” – Foreign Policy
200+ Free Rocket & Space Vectors


Sunday, 1:15 pm in QUARTERHORSE ROOM SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Labs, Virgin Galactic and all the rest. Since the Moon Landing fifty years ago, humans remained confined to Low Earth Orbit. But now, a new space race is forming. This time it’s fueled by the private sector. Learn about the original space race, the new race to space, and the latest news from the field.

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WWC – my panels and presentations

WWC will be on-line free convention in August 13- 15 2021. Everyone can attend.

To register:

My presentations / panels:

Saturday 12:00 PM – Panel Chapter One: Your Debut Book

Faye Reineberg Holt, Craig DiLouie, ?, Susan Calder [PM] Your first book will be published. Hooray! It is a dream fulfilled, but will it also be an anticlimax? What surprises are in store? What is the next stage and how do you prepare? What can you do to attract readers to your debut, make your fledgling book take wings and propel your writing career to a second chapter?


Saturday 5:00 PM – Presentation: The Synergy between Science Fiction and Science

From genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, satellites, sliding doors to cell phones. Ron S. Friedman, a science fiction writer and a blogger will explore how science fiction inspired new technology innovations and how new scientific discoveries ended up as bestselling stories.

Sunday 1:00 PM – Presentation: Space Race 2.0 and the Upcoming Gold Rush

How SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Labs and NASA will open up space, and why should the Canadian energy and mining sectors take part in the upcoming asteroid mining boom.

Sunday 4:00 PM – Panel: Science Fiction As a Critical Tool for Understanding Social and Political Issues Ron Friedman, Nina Munteanu, V. S. Holmes, Claire McCague [PM]

“Art plays a key role in shaping people’s view of the world, and on the twenty-first century science-fiction is arguably the most important genre of all, for it shapes how most people understand things such as AI, bioengineering, and climate change. We certainly need good science, but from political perspective, a good science-fiction movie is worth far more than an article in Science or Nature.” – Yuval Noah Harari, “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”

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Starting a new Youtube channel – Sci and Sci – Fi

Connecting the public to Science and Technology through story telling.

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Raiders of the Lost World

An adventure story. Indiana Jones meet Jurassic Park. Originally published in 2019 in Gunsmoke & Dragonfire Weird West anthology.

Now you can buy the story as a stand-alone.

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Cities of the Future panel at When Words Collide

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My When Words Collide 2020 Schedule

2020 When Words Collide festival will be free and online.

To join any panel by zoom, download the program guide:

Saturday, August 15th

12:00PM Ethics & Exploration Contamination

Jim Sheasby, Michael Gillett, Ron S. Friedman [PM]

When we begin exploring our solar system and creating off world colonies, we won’t be going alone. We’ll be bringing bacteria, and viruses with us that could contaminate and even destroy potential alien life. How do we avoid bringing plagues to new worlds? Should we visit them at all? This panel will discuss the ethics of human space exploration. Host: Selene O’Rourke


Saturday, August 15th

4:00PM Researching Alternative Histories

Ron S. Friedman, B.G. Cousins, Susan Forest, Chris Patrick Carolan [PM]

Based on elements stemming from real life, Alternative History can mix elements of sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction. Writing them requires impeccable research, and scrupulous attention to detail. Our panelists will share how to do methodical historical research, what makes a great alternative history and how to write them. Host: Calvin D. Jim

Host: Calvin D. Jim


Sunday, August 16th

12:00 PM Sunday – Space Force versus Mars


 Jim Sheasby, David Worsick, J.R.H. Lawless, Ron S. Friedman [PM]

Private companies are building ships to ferry colonists to Mars. At the same time, countries are funding the creation of military forces in space and colonies on the moon. Can both interests coexist? Or will there be war—figuratively or literally. Join in this riveting discussion about humanity’s imminent expansion beyond our planet and the challenges it will bring. Host: Susan Forest


Sunday, August 16th

3:00 PM Cities of the Future

B.G. Cousins, Ariel Kroon, Holly Schofield, Ron S. Friedman

How will climate change, population growth and mass immigration affect the cities of the future? Will we live in mega buildings that reach the clouds? Build massive city rafts on the ocean? Or live underground in tunnels and caves? This panel will discuss what our future cities may look like.

Host: Tammy Lyn Carbol


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