Typhoon Time book review on File 770.

Check the latest review of my novel Typhoon Time on the Hugo winning fan site File770 Review by: Susan Forest.

Typhoon Time is a fast-paced, big-cast science fiction thriller that reads like a blockbuster movie.”

“… one of the key delights for me in this book was the juxtaposition of modern and historical attitudes, particularly around the agency of women and minorities.”


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This Saturday I’m leading a discussion on Space Battles at 1:00PM, at the Calgary Military Museum – Future Wars event.

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Typhoon Time is on Calgary Herald bestsellers list

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My Calgary Comic Expo schedule

Panel Name:  Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Writing Fiction, But Were Afraid to Ask

Start Time:  Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 02:30 PM – 03:15 PM

Location:  Palomino H

Panel Description: Sci Fi and Fantasy writers, members of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, discuss the writer’s journey. What does it take to be a writer? A Q&A session featuring Ron S. Friedman (Escape Velocity, Typhoon Time), Calvin Jim (Shanghai Steam), Krista D. Ball (What Kings Ate) and Rick Overwater (Futility).

Panelists: Rick Overwater, Calvin Jim, Ron Friedman, Krista D. Ball

Panel Name:  Game Theory – Spice Up Your Plot

Start Time:  Saturday, April 28, 2018 @ 01:30 PM – 02:15 PM

Location:  Palomino H

Panel Description: Ron S. Friedman, a fiction writer (Escape Velocity, Typhoon Time) with a degree in Economics, explores game theory scenarios to create creative and genuine conflicts in your story.

Other than  that, my book, Typhoon Time, will be available at the SentryBox, BMO 709.

I will be there throughout the Expo to sign my book.

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Typhoon Time – Author Interview with Raymond Bolton

Time for Typhoon Time’s media time.

From the interview:

“…I faced many challenges. The biggest one was the language barrier. I immigrated to Canada from Israel in 2002. English is my second language. When I started to write stories, and submitted them to magazines, I got rejections in the form of: “You are not a native English speaker. It would be best for you to choose another hobby.”

The thing is… I’m not a good listener. So, I ignored that advice and I continued to write…”

For more, check Raymond Bolton interviewing me on his blog:


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Typhoon Time book review from the island of Rhodes, Greece

Check the latest review of my novel, Typhoon Time, on Your Time Travel Experience website, by the delightful Xristina Mporos.

“I actually cover time travel novels and this one is a very good one. I am sure you will enjoy it because is not simply fantasy, it captures you with the history, romance, a little bit of science…good humor and adrenaline high. This is Ron Friedman, his writing is interesting for all ages people, from teens to elderly, and from scientists, fantasy or adventure lovers, to romantic hearts…Everybody can find in his book something that will take you on a wonderful journey. Thanks for reading and when you finish the book you can tell me your opinion.


To read the entire review, check:



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Kevin J. Anderson tweet

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