Q2 2015 – Honorable Mention in Writers OF The Future Contest

On the first day of WorldCon, I received an email telling me I got an Honorable Mention in Writers OF The Future Contest.

This is my fifth HM in WOTF contest.


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2 Responses to Q2 2015 – Honorable Mention in Writers OF The Future Contest

  1. Hi, Ron,

    Congratulations! Not easy, not always coming when it is deserved.

    Thanks for the discussion last night. I don’t disagree that my preferred style is old, or that I choose aggressive positions – not so much as a reflection of beliefs but as provocations for discussion. The comments I received were more worrisome regarding talent than style or content. Something that offends or is of no interest is a problem; something that doesn’t work fundamentally is a disaster.

    Ultimately material has an acceptable audience or it does not, and even then the question is moot if it can’t FIND an audience. So the final arbiter is Out There, but the remaining obstacle is in getting to that place.

    I was looking up self-publishing and, of course, discovered the multiplicity of sites, many of which (cynically, here) are probably more concerned with the associated fees than getting one to a potential audience. Is there some way IFWA could assist me here?

    There is a point at which one needs to put the powder to the fire, to test the mix. I’m at that point now with (not necessarily) last night’s piece and others. Your help, at least in directing me to a suitable site, would be greatly appreciated.


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