My ‘When Words Collide’ panelist / presenter schedule.

Saturday 10 AM – In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Ron Friedman, Graham J. Darling, Claire McCague, Glynn Stewart

Authors discuss hard science fiction and how it fits in today’s market.


Saturday 12 PM –What Kind of Fiction Writer Should You Be?

Ron Friedman, Angelica Dawson, Ev Bishop, Cecelia Frey, Rhea Rose

Writers explore the various avenues: Literary vs. Commercial, Long vs. Short form, Professional vs. Part-time, Traditional vs. Indie, or maybe something in between?


Saturday 1 PM -Military SF versus Space Opera

Glynn Stewart, D. G. (Dave) Laderoute, Jamie Friesen, Ron Friedman

If you look at the bestseller lists for Military Science Fiction and Space Opera, there is a huge degree of overlap – but the two aren’t really the same thing. Authors of both discuss the differences between these two closely related genres.


Saturday 2 PM – Analemma Books (Enigma Front: Burnt)

Justin Acton, Celeste Peters, Jayne Barnard, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, Christopher Chupik, Susan Forest, Ron Friedman, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Katie Harse, Chris Jessop, Valerie King, Adria Laycraft, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, Rick Overwater, Sandra Fitzpatrick, Lee F. Patrick, Tim Reynolds, Erin Sneath, David Worsick, Kristine Saretsky, Craig DiLouie

Join Analemma Book’s publisher, editorial team and authors as we celebrate the launch of our 2nd anthology. Readings, signing, and door prizes.

Burnt Ebook Cover smaller

Saturday 4 PM – Villains and Conflicts

Ron Friedman

How to overcome a writer’s dilemma of creating a three-dimensional villain that can believably confront the hero. Eliminate the BS factor and the pitfalls of a simplistic moustache-twirling bad guy.



Saturday 6:30 PM – Aurora Awards Ceremony

Hey, I’m a Best Short Fiction Finalist.


Saturday 8:00 PM

Mass autograph session.


Sunday 12 PM – The Martian

Ron Friedman, GMB Chomichuk, T.K. Boomer, Rick Overwater, Glynn Stewart

A discussion of why and how humanity should colonize Mars.


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