My When Words Collide appearance

Friday 1 PM Game Theory (Presentation)

Ron S. Friedman, a fiction writer with a degree in Economics explores fun game theory scenarios to create creative and genuine conflicts in your story.


Friday 4 PM Astronomy and Rocket Science, not just for SF writers. (Presentaion)

Improve science literacy and avoid misconceptions in your fiction. Do you write paranormal romance and wonder why we have full moons, eclipses and seasons? Thrilled about echo-thrillers and curious what Astronomers says about climate change? Like conspiracy theories and ponder why don’t we see stars in the Apollo pictures? What happened when you fire a bullet in orbit? What is the effect of radiation on the human body? 

Bring your questions and join the discussion.


Friday 7 PM Colonizing Space (Panel)

Friday 9 PM The End of the World (Presentation)

The Doom and Gloom panel – For post apocalypse enthusiasts. Review different scenarios for human extinction before 2100. Hostile Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology weapons, climate change, nuclear war, pandemic and good old alien invasion.

Saturday 1:00  Analemma Books – Enigma Front: The Monster Within book social.

monster within ebook cover small

Saturday 7 PM Working Title (Panel)

Saturday 8 PM Autograph Session (Special)

Sunday 10 AM Blue Pencil Café (Blue Pencil)

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