Conventions & Workshops

ICON, Israel (2019), on a panel with Brandon Sanderson

ICON, Israel (2019), presentation about the end of the world

Talking at the Calgary Military Museum:  Space Force – what is it good for?

Delivering Chaos Theory talk at When Words Collide festival. August 2019.

Delivering a Game Theory talk at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. April 2019.

Reading from my short stories collection ESCAPE VELOCITY during the Sci Fi night at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory. October 2018.

2018 FanX Salt lake Comic Convention

Presentation with Ramon Terrell, John Dover, E. E. King, Angie Lofthouse and Brian McClellan.

2018 When Words Collide festival.

2018 Florida SuperCon – As an Author Panel with Laura Diaz, Enrique Bedlam and Elyse Reyes.

2018 Florida SuperCon – with Domino (Cosplay by Kay Bear)

Somewhat outgunned – ”’Future Wars”’ at the Calgary Military Museum.

2018 Calgary Expo – Presenting Game Theory – Spice Up Your Plot

2018 Calgary Expo – With the lovely Eliza Taylor (Clarke from The 100)

2017 When Words Collide

2017 Launchpad Astronomy Workshop.


CalgaryExpo, 2017. With Kevin Sorbo and Yoni Shlomi, holding ESCAPE VELOCITY.


Sci Fi night at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory. October 2016.


When Words Collide 2016 – The Mars panel.


CalgaryExpo, 2016.

With the delightful Morgan Hoffman from Inner Space – Space TV.

Morgan is holding a copy of Galaxy’s Edge with my Aurora Awards finalist story ‘Game Not Over’.


Worldcon 2015 – With Robert Silverberg.


When Words Collide 2015 – Presenting Daniel Abraham. (The Expanse)

The Conflict of Writing Conflicts

“The Conflict Of Writing Conflicts” presentation – 2015 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.


“Writing about fighting – After the battle” discussion panel. (With David Weber) – 2014 VCON.


Playing Magic the Gathering with Brandon Sanderson – 2014 When Words Collide


“After Petroleum” discussion panel – 2014 When Words Collide.


Moderating Max Brooks, the author of World War Z and the son of Mel Brooks,  in front of an audience of 350 people – 2014 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

With John Scalzi, winner of the 2013 Hugo Award, Best Novel. 2013 Worldcon.


My first book signing – When Words Collide, 2013


Moderating John Carpenter in front of an audience of 500 people – 2013 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.


2012 When Words Collide festival. Jack Whyte workshop.


On the Iron throne, Workdcon (2011)


2010 ConVersion


With Chase Masterson ( “Leeta”, the sexy casino girl in Start Trek: Deep Space Nine), 2010 ConVersion

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