Jewish Book Festival, November 17-25

Come and have a chat at the Jewish Book Festival.
I will deliver a presentation on November 21st, 7:00 PM on the question: Could the Holocaust or World War II have been prevented?

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Sci Fi night at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

Reading from my short stories collection ESCAPE VELOCITY

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Interview by Karen McCoy

Speaking of science in storytelling, TYPHOON TIME explores what happens when weapons from the future get into the wrong hands. What do you hope readers take away from this story?

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Salt Lake Comic Convention

If you happens to be in Salt Lake Comic Convention, and you crave the company of villains, join the villains panel with your humble servant.

What Makes a Lovable Villain?
From Dracula to Cersei Lanister, the greatest villains have the audience rooting for them with guilty glee. Why do the best villains always have something that makes us love them and what makes a great villain so compelling? Writers will sit down and discuss what makes a compelling villain and what they put into their own bad guys to make them fun to write and to read.

With Ramon Terrell, John Dover, Ron S. Friedman, E.E. King, Angie Lofthouse, Brian McClellan

I’ll also have a couple of book signing events.



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2018 Aurora Award – Best Fan Writing & Publication

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Got good feedback for my Game Theory panel.

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My When Words Collide schedule

Friday 3 PM – Waterton

War Stories Madelaine Shaw-Wong, Bret Cousins, Michael Skeet, Ron S. Friedman [PM] What are the benefits and challenges of setting a story during a war? What explains the enduring appeal of this genre? What are the dangers in choosing which side of the war to tell?

Friday 4 PM – Rundle

How to Build a Time Machine – Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe Ron S. Friedman #1 Bestseller in Time Travel, review Time-Travel scenarios in fiction, film, and TV, and discuss the possibility of building physically plausible time machine… in your story

Saturday 10 AM – Acadia

Game Theory – Spice Up Your Plot Ron S. Friedman A fiction writer with a degree in Economics, Ron S. Friedman explores game theory scenarios to create creative and genuine conflicts in your story

Saturday 7 PM – Canmore

Diversifying Your Writing Sarah Kades Graham, Adam Dreece, Michael Skeet, Ron S. Friedman Should I diversify my writing or stay in one genre or sub-genre? What are potential pitfalls, or bonuses, of each? Join us as our panel enjoys a lively discussion on this timeless question.

Saturday 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Parkland-Bonavista-Willow Park (2 Hours)

Autograph Session

Sunday 11 AM – Bonavista

The Alternate Alternate History Panel Michael Skeet, Ron S. Friedman, Ronald (R.J.) Hore, Therese Greenwood, Joe Compton [M] The ‘what if’ panel. How history would evolve if one event changes? What if China was the first to discover America? What if the Great Library had not been burnt, Hitler had nukes, or the South had won the US civil war? Explore why The Man in the High Castle and other alternate history stories are appealing to so many readers.

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