Short Stories

Short story sell

Immortality Limited (first appeared in ESCAPE VELOCITY) was sold to ENIGMA FRONT: THE MONSTER WITHIN.

Polar Borealis

Publication date, August 2017.

Short story sell: My story Dissonance was sold to Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine.

My story Crash is part of Enigma Front: Burnt anthology. August 2016.

Polar Borealis


My flash story A Matter of Anti-Matter, have appeared in ‘Polar Borealis’ magazine. July 2016.

Polar Borealis


My short story LUCA, have appeared in ‘Enigma Front’. August 2015.

enigma front 3small


My story Game Not Over had been published by Galaxy’s Edge January 2015 issue – edited by Mike Resnick.

Galaxy's Edge

My story: By The Name That He Came – appears in Age Of Certainty anthology (Feb 2013).


Available on

Unveiled – Daily Science Fiction, May 2011:


The same story also appeared in: Not Just Rockets and Robots: Daily Science Fiction Year One (2012)


Additional credits:

Ten Honorable Mentions in Writers Of The Future contest. (2011, 2013, 2014, three times in 2015, and four more in 2016)


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